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USAMG Interview with Tim Reede Custom Guitars.

Tim Reede buildes fine hand made guitars with an eye for detail an ear for tone and a nack for great customer service. USAMG 3/11/2017

"My goal is to create instruments that are beautiful, have amazing sound quality and are a joy to play. When it comes to guitar construction you could say I am a traditionalist. There is not much difference between how instruments were made years ago and how I make them now. I use hot hide glue because it is acoustically transparent. It dries very hard, allowing vibrations to transfer cleanly. I enjoy the diversity of the guitar family which is why I make a variety of instruments. From historic designs to guitars with modern features, each has its strengths and purpose." Tim Reede

Interview 10/19/2016  Tim Reede, a Master Luther from  Minnesota, USA


Tim Reede Guitars have been shown around the United States at such prestigious events as the Newport Guitar Festival in Newport RI, the Healdsburg Guitar Festival near Healdsburg CA and the Miami Guitar Festival in South Beach FL. 

The Leopard guitar was recently featured in the luxury magazine Marq

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Great interview with Tim Reede Custom Guitars back in 2008.