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"For Builder and Player"

US American Made Guitars - Interviews

Manufacturer, Builder Interviews
2016 - 2017
Jay Hale, Builder
Tim Reede Builder
Steve McMinn Pacific Rim Tonewoods Inc. Supplier

Manufacturer, Builder Archive
Karl Sandoval Builder
Tim Reede Builder
Roger Bacorn Builder
Player Interviews 2016-2017
Tracy G, Guitarist
Charlie Bonnet III Guitarist
Vic DaPra Author, Collector

Player Archive
Chelsea Constable Guitarist
Rick Andrews Guitarist
Julia Nunes Ukulele, Guitarist
Johnny Hiland Guitarist
Phil Hilborne Guitarist
Rudy Sarzo Bass Guitarist
Neil Zlozower Legendary Photographer
Toshi Iseda Guitarist
Blasko Bass Guitarist
J.D. DeServio Bass Guitarist
Kevin Churko  Musician, Sound Engineer, Songwriter and Record Producer.
Kelle Rhoads Piano - Randy Rhoads brother.
Peter Margolis Director, Production Manager
Curt Mitchell Guitarist, Instructor
Bill Peck Guitarist
Scott Tarulli Guitarist
Bill Lonero Guitarist
Roy Rogers Blues Slide Guitarist
Steve Sechler  Guitarist
Doug Seven Guitarist, Instructor
Redd Volkaert Guitarist