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Greg Renoff was born in the Bronx, New York, and grew up in New Jersey. Renoff earned his Ph.D. in American history from Brandeis University and is the author of The Big Tent: The Traveling Circus in Georgia, 1820-1930. His writing has appeared in medium.com/cuepoint, Guitar World, LA Weekly, and Vulture, and he and his work have been profiled in Salon, Maxim, and the Boston Herald.

He lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with his wife and two daughters, and enjoys connecting with readers via vanhalenrising.com and twitter.com/GregRenoff  

 Watch the USAMG video Interview below to learn more. Streamed live on Jun 29, 2017

Our goals at CMG Guitars are simple:
1. Make a good quality instrument
2. Make them affordable
3. Make them in good conscience with respect for the world and the environment. 

Interview with Chris Mitchel, Owner CMG Guitars. Statesboro, GA. USA. 

 Watch the USAMG video Interview below to learn more.
Streamed live on Jun 28, 2017


USAMG Interview with Jay Hale from JHaleGuitars, Los Angeles, Ca.

Custom-made instruments with the emphasis on TONE. No corner is cut, only the finest in components and construction to create the ultimate tools of expression.

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EVH 5150III 2X12 Combo DEMO
Special thanks to Clint at Guitars Of Montana, Great Falls, MT USA

USAMG Interview with former DIO guitarist Tracy G (Grijalva) 07/13/2017

Tracy G has completed work with his band The TRACY G GROUP on a 13 song CD ‘TRAMP’. Patrick Johansson, the hard hitting former drummer for Yngwie Malmsteen has joined the project and is featured on 7 tracks. KORN drummer Ray Luzier plays on 4 tracks & local SoCal drummer Adrian Aguilar on 1 song. Michael Beatty is on vocals along with Randy Oviedo on bass. 

 Watch the USAMG video Interview below to learn more. 

USAMG Interview with Charlie Bonnet III, AKA CB3,  06/15/2017  

The music industry streets are littered with stories of close calls and broken dreams, with exceptional acts often getting overlooked. While most never get their "day in the sun," sometimes persistence, fate, and luck come together to create magic. Such is a case with Tennessee guitar slinger Charlie Bonnet III, whose rise to fame has taken a quarter of a century to come to fruition.

Watch the USAMG video Interview below to learn more.

(Book), Burst Believers III.

The "holy grail" of electric guitars...is back for a third time! The slang term "burst" has been used to describe a specific Gibson Les Paul, manufactured from 1958 to 1960. The impact of this guitar has and continues to shake the music world. From the dozens of guitar idols, who played it and those fortunate enough to have owned one or more, the Gibson Les Paul Sunburst possesses a mystique and magic, not found in any other electric guitar. With its unique sound, spectacular beauty and playability, the burst has shaped the landscape of the blues/rock genre, as we know it today. In this third book, Kirk Hammett, Brad Whitford, Peter Frampton, Geddy Lee, Paul Polycarpou, Perry Margouleff, David Plues, James Hetfield, Drew Berlin, Mick Grabham, Gary Grainger, Dan Vickrey, Jeff Prine, Paul Gabriel, Pat Rush, Tony Hicks, Craig Ross, Ted Nugent, Vince Gill, Jim Mills, Dave Amato, Jeff Pevar, Bernie Marsden, Frankie Sullivan, Stan Webb and many more, have been kind enough to share their experiences and stories that you will enjoy reading. From the hundreds of color photographs, to the serial number index make this book a "must" for players and collectors alike. 

Vic DaPra,  Canonsburg, PA USA
USAMG Interview with Vic DaPra, author of the Burst Believers book series I, II and III. 03/16/2017